Placement Services

Baltimore Cyber developed an education pipeline that works with employers to train and place qualified BC students in full time entry-level IT/Cyber positions.  Our Intern and apprenticeship programs focus on those new to the industry often the unemployed or underemployed.  Baltimore Cyber offers students three career pathways to employment; Internships, Apprenticeships and full time journeyman employment.



Interns generally work for an organization for three to six months, often part time. Internships are provided hands-on real-world work experience. This allows the intern to experience a career and the employer the opportunity to evaluate the intern. Internships are often unpaid but can lead to follow on employment.



Apprenticeship programs combine academic training and on-the-job-training providing the apprentice real-world work experience. Generally an IT / Cyber apprenticeship program is conducted over twelve to twenty four months. The apprentice splits their time between academic training and on-the-job training. An in-house mentor monitors the apprentice and provides guidance. Often the apprentice is compensated at about 50% the standard journeyman level. As the apprentice progresses through the program they complete established milestones and compensation is increased until reaching full journeyman level compensation at the end of the program.



Full Time Employment

Where appropriate Baltimore Cyber is identifying full time positions for those completing BC IT / Cyber training.

Baltimore Cyber Range, LLC 2019

Baltimore Cyber, LLC 2019

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