Training to be offered at Baltimore City College and Baltimore Polytechnic Institute

Baltimore, MD (October 16, 2019) – Bruce Spector, chairman of the Baltimore Cyber Range, today announced that the range has launched the Intrusion Countermeasures and Education Training (ICE-T) program at two high schools in Baltimore City, Baltimore City College and Baltimore Polytechnic Institute. The workforce training program, which provides specialized training in cybersecurity, is prepared and presented by Baltimore Cyber Range (BCR) and an employer consortium of more than 30 cybersecurity companies.  


"For decades, Poly and City have been rivals in the annual Thanksgiving Week football game and now they've become partners in preparing high school students for careers in cybersecurity," said Mr. Spector. "This is the first time the ICE-T training program will be offered to high school students. It's a significant step in training tomorrow's cyber workforce, and in opening career opportunities for students at all educational levels."

The training at these historic Baltimore City high schools will be funded through the state's Employment Advancement Right Now (E.A.R.N.) program. With E.A.R.N. funding, the ICE-T program has already trained and placed more than 200 Marylanders in cybersecurity companies in Maryland.

The partnership with Baltimore Polytechnic Institute and Baltimore City College is the first time this unique, highly-specialized cybersecurity training will be offered to promising high school students. The training which runs concurrently at the schools through May 2020, will culminate in a "capture the flag" competition between City and Poly. Upon completion of the training, students will have obtained A+, Network+, and Security+ certifications, and have experienced hands-on hyper-realistic cybersecurity range training.

The first such facility in the world specifically dedicated to workforce development in the cybersecurity sector, Baltimore Cyber Range provides trainees with the most advanced cybersecurity strategies and techniques in an environment that simulates real threats in real time. The range's practical training – encompassing cyber threat detection, compromise mitigation, and system remediation – is complemented by placement services. By partnering with industry to identify training requirements and develop training, BCR prepares unemployed and underemployed Marylanders for cybersecurity internships, apprenticeships and fulltime employment.

Baltimore Cyber Range, LLC 2019

Baltimore Cyber, LLC 2019

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